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Wellness Spa of Andromeda Villas is specially designed to offer you complete relaxation, wellness and rejuvenation. Our programs are carefully selected to offer a wide range of treatments and services that ensure you benefit from this holistic treatment experience.

Relax & Fitness

Our experienced staff at Andromeda Villas is here to meet your personal needs and ensure your continued trust in us to provide you with quality, relaxing and personalized care.

RELAXING MASSAGE •Relaxing •Sensitive The ideal massage treatment to start or finish your day. Gentle techniques from head to toes, will make you feel totally relaxed. A suggestion for sensitive person or who tries massage for the first time.

HEAD MASSAGE • Relaxing •Jet lag & headache therapy Indulge yourselves into a mystifying massage that will entice your mind, body & soul. Massaging techniques from East, combined with an application of warm oil blends, make this journey special. The ideal therapy for jet lags, headaches and sleep difficulties.

LEGS RELIEF MASSAGE •Legs & feet •Relaxing •Aromatherapy A refreshing treatment that offers an ultimate comfort for your tired feet. A pampering massage experience with a combination of coconut body scrub that deeply hydrates and the cooling effect of yoghurt powder mixed.

ANDROMEDA • Relaxing • Aromatherapy • Body &Spirit A holistic massage journey for body & spirit. A sensational voyage that wisdom of ancient rituals with the lavish aromatic herbal zests of Greece. An invigorating, yet totally relaxing massage, lush in the aromas of calming Lavender, bright Rosemary, soothing Tea tree wonderfully blended with delicately scented, healing Laurel oil, bright the intoxicating journey.

DEEP TISSUE • Deeper muscle mollification relaxation A tailor-made massage to target specific areas of muscle tension and soreness. A series of intensive techniques are used to increase blood circulation. In combination with your breathing can help you meditate

KINESIOTHERAPY •After surgery or trauma •Pain relief •Therapeutic massage A therapeutic combination of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic massage as well as passive stretching. The kinesiotherapy can release pain and increase movement. Ideal treatment after surgery or trauma and edema. Feel free from pain and enjoy your stay.

LOVE AFFAIR •Couple massage •Candle massage Lay back and unwind while the heated solid waxes of candle massage slowly turn into liquid oil as the mesmerizing flame gently burns the candle. Feel the delicately scented warn drops touch your skin and envelop your whole body in a velvet textured massage.

HONEYMOON •Glass of Sparkling Wine •Greek Bath •Couple relaxing massage Get flirty! Get cozy! This treatment is a tribute to loved couples who enjoy little moments together. As you enjoy Gold’s Spa facilities, choose to delight your partner with a series of totally custom-made options of massage oil and relax together during an enveloping aromatherapy massage. The ritual includes a refreshing glass of champagne.

PRE-WEDDING SPA RITUAL •Body treatment •Facial treatment Get ready mentally and physically for your wedding. Feel special that once in a lifetime moment of your life and enjoy together the experience of relaxing with a luxury body & facial treatment based on healthy ingredients from Greece with sensual aromas. Create together memories and emotions that last forever.

JASMINE & GARDENIA CRYSTALS •Full Body •Scrub •Jasmine & Gardenia A full body exfoliation treatment, fast and invigorating with luxuriant captivating aromas of jasmine and gardenia. Delicate white sugar crystals softly remove dead skin cells, while promoting body circulation.

UNDER THE SUN •Face & Body treatment •Sensitive skin •Rejuvenation The ultimate after-sun care for your skin. This treatment embodies the ideal refreshing properties of sea water drops and calming benefits of accorn flour, skillfully combined to help restore skin’s moisture. Inflammation and skin irritation is minimized, offering a unique sense of relief after extensive sun exposure.

SANTORINI LAVA TOUCH •Body slimming treatment Supercharged body treatment based on the supreme power of Santorini’s volcanic lava clay which fights cellulite and excess localized fat, while stimulating blood flow to increase your metabolism. Combining a plethora of active ingredients such as algae, basil and cinnamon, this treatment helps activate the lymphatic system and decongest.

RADIANT FACE Luminously radiant look Luminous, radiant skin with an instant infusion of intense hydration and multiple anti-ageing benefits. Thoroughly cleansing, enzymatic peel, gently removes dead skin. Soft and delicate, wild rose oil replenishes the skin through a deeply nourishing facial massage.

CITRUS BLISS Anti-oxidant protection & ultimate prevention Take your skin into a journey of Kumquat sparkling notes and fresh fruits that energize your skin. A facial mask highly concentrated in antioxidants prevents from signs of premature ageing caused by sun exposure or any other environmental stressors, while rejuvenating dull-looking skin.

MELI Vital hydration & nutrition. A highly rejuvenating and ultimately hydrating experience, dedicated to the richness of local flavors and aromas, such as sage and honey that instantly restore your skin hydration levels. Feel your skin soft and supple with an immediately healthy and radiant appearance.

Nail & Beauty Services

Classic Manicure Includes cut and reshape nails to perfection, cuticle care, soft buff, mini hand massage, polish. SPA Manicure Includes scrub to hydrate dry rough skin and finishes with a stimulating masque to further remove impurities, cuticle conditioning, and lastly, nails are polished with the finest. Shellac Manicure by CND Cuticles are gently pushed back, nails are shaped and buffed and protecting them from breaking, lasts up to 15 days. Includes a relaxing hand massage.