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Santorini Island is one of the most beloved holiday spots in the world, celebrated for its mystical aura, unique architecture, splendid beaches, and spellbinding view of the volcano, the Aegean Sea and the golden sunset


Andromeda Villas is located in Imerovigli, the village known for its breathtaking sunset and Caldera view and its traditional houses that are carved into the reddish cliffs

Imerovigli Santorini is the perfect place for those who prefer a charming, serene environment for their holidays

Santorini is famous for its unique beaches with volcanic sands, such as the Kokkini and Aspri beaches located near the settlement of Akrotiri, on the southern coast of the island and the grey and black beaches in Kamari, Perissa, Perivolos, and Monolithos, situated on the eastern coast of the island. Other beautiful Santorini beaches are located along the northern shores, such as Ammoudi, Armeni, Baxedes, Paradissos, Koloubos, and Vourvoulou.

During you holiday in Santorini Island, you should spend a couple of days touring the sites and attractions. A good map of Santorini can help you to plan your touring schedule. The most famous sites in Santorini are the Akrotiri settlement and Ancient Thira. Akrotiri dates back to Prehistoric Times and is considered by many scholars to be linked to the Lost Continent of Atlantis. At this site, you have the opportunity to admire a well-preserved settlement, including houses, stores, staircases, roads and an ancient sewage system. Ancient Thira, which is located on a hill above the villages of Kamari and Perissa, is a marvellous site, complete with ruins of sanctuaries, an agora, a theatre, a gymnasium, and a graveyard

Santorini Nightlife

On Santorini Island, visitors will find a wide selection of entertainment venues, from quiet cafes and bars to stimulating clubs and from traditional tavernas to posh fusion restaurants. One of the best features of the island is its cuisine



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